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In Kalypso Waterdanceschool we offer watersports including swimming, mermaidswimming, waterballet, waterdancemix, swimming for babies, toddlers and parents, special needs swimming and Junior Lifesaver courses. Our service encourage people to move in water and to build healthy relationship to their own body. Our mission is to increase customers happiness and satisfaction of life.

We will teach you swimming, diving and dance techniques. You will also learn how to swim like a mermaid. We guide children to move safely in water and teach what to do in lifesaving situations. In our lessons we play games and use different kinds of equipment. Each Kalypso group are also practising and performing an exhibition in every christmas and spring event.

Kalypso Waterdanceschool provides a hobby for whole family. We welcome all people to join our courses. Our services fits well for people with special needs. Our key values are happiness, togetherness, safety and creativity. In Kalypso Waterdanceshool we support everyone in their own learning path and offer a community with great care and warmth.

For more information we kindly ask you to send us an email in to if.os1721187457pylak1721187457@ofni1721187457.

Best wishes, Pirita and Lassi

For groups

Looking for a fun and special way to celebrate a birthday, have a bachelor/ bachelorette party or maybe spend a restorative day with coworkers? Come try Kalypo’s unique classes!

Kalypso offers personalized water adventures and parties for different groups. As a group, you get to experience a completely unique experience that you will talk about for years!
Have you always wanted to try mermaid swimming? Kalypso Water Dance School’s mermaid swimming offers entertainment and experiences for both adults and children!

Come to Kalypso exactly as you are! Anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender, skin color or physical condition.

Group events can accommodate 5-15 people, but exceptions can be agreed upon.

Ask for an offer for your event!


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